Portfolio & Freelance

Writing Portfolio

I’m very fortunate to have been able to write more than 35 (and counting!) articles on a freelance basis, published nationally and internationally, both online and in print. Often, I write about health, beauty, and environment topics, although I always love researching and writing about new subjects.

Here are some of my favourite articles I’ve written over the years:

I Woke Up Like This: The No-Makeup Look
Cosmetic Safety
New Beauty Trends
10 Summer Beauty Must-Haves
Best Hair Practices
Winter Skin Care in Four Easy Steps
Back to Basics: Your 4-Step Skin Care Routine

Sick Building Syndrome
10 Indigenous Superfoods
GMO Update
Navigate Your Health Food Store
Don’t Sweat It

Plastic in Our Oceans
Feminine Hygiene Products
Find Your Voice
Are There Microbeads in Your Exfoliant? 

Back to School Made Simple
Skin Care for Kids

Literacy & Education
Literacy Skills Go Beyond Just Reading and Writing

Freelance work?

In addition to blogging about natural beauty and skincare, I own Cedar Hill Creative, a boutique communications company specializing in writing, editing, and marketing content.


Please feel free to get in touch with me regarding potential freelance writing or editing opportunities! I’m always interested in writing or editing for companies, publications, individuals, or businesses.

Product review opportunities?

I’m also happy to consider product reviews or other partnership ideas for this blog. Please keep in mind that I explicitly mention every time a blog post is sponsored, and agreeing to try a product does not guarantee that I will review or endorse it.


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