Happy #Canada150! My Favourite Canadian Beauty Brands


Happy Canada Day, everyone! I don’t know about you, but I’m incredibly proud to be Canadian. To celebrate what this amazing country has to offer, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite Canadian skincare and beauty brands. Here it goes:

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Beauty Resolutions

Well, of course I have a lot more to improve on in 2016 than beauty and skin care. But to be 100% honest….working out every day, getting 8 hours of sleep every night, and only eating health food just doesn’t excite me like the thrill of trying a new beauty product. #Truth

So why not make 2016 the year of perfect skin, nailing that fishtail braid, and finally mastering the delicate art of a messy (but not too messy) messy bun? It’s more fun, and a lot more achievable!

Without further ado, here are my beauty resolutions of 2016:

  • Clean my makeup brushes on a regular basis. Because it’s time to grow up already. Buying new makeup brushes because your old ones are gross is worse (and more expensive) than buying new underwear because you’re too lazy to do laundry. Time to enter adulthood.
  • Calm my skin, once and for all. Does anyone else have the fun of dealing with blemishes and flaky, dry skin–at the same time? Apparently this has a lot to do with having really sensitive skin. No wonder my skin felt so happy with really gentle cleansers. So my big goal is to tackle the heart of the problem, by using super gentle products to help calm redness and sensitivity. So far I’ve heard great things about First Aid Beauty, as well as the Mega Mushroom line of Origins. Anyone else have other suggestions?
  • Master some hairstyles, already! Like really pretty braids, or beachy waves. If anyone wants to recommend some great YouTube tutorials, please let me know!
  • Be kind to my hair. Speaking of hair, my poor hair is so frazzled from going blonde. Time for a serious trim. And I’m toying with the idea of returning to my natural brunette…but I’m undecided.

I’ve love to know: do you have beauty/skincare/hair resolutions? What are they, and what’s your game plan?


Follow up: How often do you wash your hair?

So a while ago, waaay back in February, I posted about the allure, and dilemma, of not shampooing every day. Everyone says it’s better for your hair to skip at least a day or two, but it’s nearly impossible to get started because, until your hair and scalp get used to it, let’s face it–your hair is greasy. And greasy hair is gross. Seriously, the struggle is real!

Have I finally conquered my hair? In a word, yes. To be totally honest, I still can’t go any longer than two days without shampooing, but I’m pretty happy with that. I can safely say that it does get better: slowly, your hair and scalp get less greasy. Thank goodness for that, because not only was I annoyed, but I was annoying everyone around me by talking about it. Continue reading

A Beauty Resolution…and a weird question

Full disclosure: I realize this post is very #firstworldproblems, but it’s actually been driving me crazy, so oh well.

How often do you wash your hair? I’ve always washed it every day, without fail, because I thought that’s just what you do. But apparently everyone else knows that you’re not supposed to do that because it’s bad for your hair colour and dries out your ends. Silly me. I’ve since tried to shampoo every second day, but keep stopping because I find second day hair so gross. (Shudders.) Continue reading