4 Things on my December To-Do List

I’ll admit it, I’m a Christmas fanatic. I can’t help myself, I love everything about the season—the music, the events (and craziness) of getting together with family and friends, and yes, even the commercials. I know, I know, but I have no shame.

Here are a few things I’m planning this year to celebrate the season!

1. Have a “Treat Yo’ Self Day”

Did this today! If you’ve seen Parks and Rec, you’ll know that the adorable characters Tom and Donna go for an annual excursion where they go to the spa, go out for lunch, and shop, shop, shop! What a fun idea. Today my friend I and did it up right, complete with sparkly Christmas manicures, lunch, and decadent lattes. Definitely recommend it.

2. Go ice-skating outside

This seems to be on my list every year, but I never seem to get around to it. This year, it must happen! Right now my hubby Scott is in the midst of exams, which means we don’t exactly have a lot of date nights. But when that’s done, I’m envisioning a romantic ice-skating date. Since I actually haven’t been skating since I was about 10, it will probably be quite clumsy and not romantic, but I’m ready to get out there and give it my all anyway!

3. Write the best Stocking Song ever!

My family’s had a bizarre Christmas-morning tradition since I was little: we have to sing for our stockings. No song = no stocking. And stockings are pretty much the main event in my family. Last year was Scott’s first Stocking Song, and he knocked it out of the park by changing the lyrics to a traditional song to lovingly make fun of the rest of this. I have no idea what I’m going to do yet, so this is going to be a toughie…

4. Bake 

I’m a terrible baker! I pretty much bake only once a year, for Christmas. Every year I tell myself, “this will be the year where I’ll discover how much I love baking, and how talented I am, and then I’ll bake all the time!” And then it never happens. But who knows? Maybe this will be the year where I’ll discover how much I love baking, and how talented I am, and then I’ll bake all the time!



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